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Helping you turn your capabilities into Profitable Growth

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How to find and unlock the value in your business?

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You want top quality support for your growth, but don't have much cash.  We can help.

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Linking Technology to Customers and Profit

Many businesses that are technically excellent don't have that same excellence in customer and economic understanding.  For over 30 years we have helped capable businesses to bridge that gap, linking together three key skills in three essential steps to achieve the best results.

  • We help technology and environmental businesses to grow and to profit from their technology or expertise.

  • Our unique approach links together 3 key factors: Customers, Technology and Economics.

  • Over 30 years we have delivered value to businesses from Startups and SMEs to multi-billion pound international corporations.

  • We help organisations in any sector to work better with technology, environmental or other strategic issues to achieve their objectives.

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The UK Government has now ceased its GrowthAccelerator programme for startup and SME businesses.  However, many businesses benefitted from this scheme and Red Kite is happy to discuss similar project scope and terms.

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Red Kite Enterprise and Environment is a consulting firm that helps you

achieve business value and growth from your technology and capabilities.  

"When developing the business case around a new technology it is crucial to focus on the customer and investor perspectives and the decisions they have to make. Red Kite assisted us in getting the balance and focus of the business plan just right in order to successfully raise early-stage investment into the business."


 – Chief Technology Officer of a green transport technology start-up



"Red Kite have been an integral part of the resurgence of our Group over the last 2 years. Their unique combination of strategic advice and hands on implementation support has enabled us to drive our commercial strategy further, and faster, than we would otherwise have been able to achieve and has added a great deal of value to our business."    


– Chief Commercial Officer of an international media group

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