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You want top quality support for your growth, but don't have much cash.  We can help.

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  • Over 30 years experience of business strategy and marketing

  • From strategy development and financial modelling to practical management of large teams and projects

  • Our clients range from billion-pound international corporations to innovative start-ups, across more than 20 sectors

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Red Kite Management Consulting helps you achieve

business value and growth from your technology and capabilities  

"Red Kite have been an integral part of the resurgence of our Group over the last 2 years. Their unique combination of strategic advice and hands on implementation support has enabled us to drive our commercial strategy further, and faster, than we would otherwise have been able to achieve and has added a great deal of value to our business."    


– Chief Commercial Officer of an international media group.  Increased profits several million pounds a year.


"When developing the business case around a new technology it is crucial to focus on the customer and investor perspectives and the decisions they have to make. Red Kite assisted us in getting the balance and focus of the business plan just right in order to successfully raise early-stage investment into the business."


 – Chief Technology Officer of a green transport technology start-up.  Raised key investment for prototype.


"Very quick to understand the pressure points in our business and the areas which required most attention. He helped us to determine realistic evidence based goals for growth.  Robin was easy to work with, and brought a valuable independent assessment of our business priorities. He was able to identify specific business initiatives as well as a strategy for overall growth."


 – Managing Director of a specialist consultancy.  Doubled in size in next 3 years following the strategy.

What our Clients Say

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