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Environment and Businesses – Where to Start

The traditional view is that things that are good for business are bad for the environment, and vice versa.  


At Red Kite Management Consulting we passionately believe that there are many actions a business can take to the benefit of both the environment, and its bottom-line.

How we help Businesses with Environmental issues

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Unsure about your business’s impact on the environment?  

We can help you develop a strategic view of environmental impacts from your business.  These can be positive as well as negative, for example your premises may already be a home for wildlife.  This is an important baseline from which to consider threats, opportunities and actions.


Keen to understand environmental or ecosystem services your business relies on, and their future?

We can help evaluate your use of ecosystem services, identifying them, assessing their value to your business and evaluate the impact of future changes.


Unclear about threats to your business from environmental issues?

We can help identify and tackle potential threats from the natural environment, whether direct such as physical risk or resource shortages, or indirect such as customer pressure or regulation.


Want to identify opportunities for your business?

We can help identify and exploit opportunities from the natural environment, directly in the core business (e.g. enhancing valuable ecosystem services), attracting customers (e.g. brand and marketing), motivating employees (e.g. productivity, well-being and retention) or engaging stakeholders (e.g. reputation enhancement and risk management)


Need a robust vision and strategy for your business?

We can help you consider wide-ranging scenarios of how business, social and environmental factors interweave in the future.  By considering these alternative futures and the impact on your business, we can help you develop a vision and strategy for your organisation that is more robust over the long-term.  We can help you develop your environmental strategy as an integrated part of your overall business strategy.


Still not sure where to start?

We can host an Enterprise and Environment Workshop as a rapid way to get a strategic understanding of where your business connects with the natural environment, and what the threats and opportunities are.  Or our well-received Business Executives Guide to Climate Change is a great primer and discussion starter.

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(for advice on using environmental topics to drive a more innovative, empowered culture)."


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