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Office Manager at Red Kite Management Consulting.  Kerry assists our administration and marketing.


As part of our support for environmental and social causes, Kerry is a volunteer with the ARCh assisted reading scheme.

About us: Delivering Value Growth

Red Kite Management Consulting was founded to help the organisations to gain more value from their capabilities, particularly with new technologies, environmental issues or where there is a complex 'landscape' of customers, competitors and stakeholders.  


We started as Red Kite Enterprise and Environment, helping businesses to gain value by working better with environmental issues.  But we found greater value in a wider spread of work, so while we work with several clients in environmentally-related fields, it is often on their business strategy and growth plans.


Our founder, Robin Tucker has over 30 years of experience in business strategy in B2B, B2C and non-commercial sectors.  Its partners are chosen for their expertise in helping organisations to deliver practical business results in practice.

Robin Tucker

Consulting Partner of Red Kite Management Consulting

Our process, programme management, business change and transformation expert.


Sumit has 30 years of experience designing and delivering strategic change:  


Strategy consulting at Bain & Company


Corporate roles in:

  • Retail – Strategic Planning and Customer Service Development

  • Cable TV – Director of Planning

  • Vodafone UK – Director of Business Change


Consulting for over 60 assignments across 12 sectors, defining and implementing change, including a security services company, a University and a Botanic Gardens.

Founder and Managing Director of Red Kite Management Consulting

Our Business strategy, commercial, pricing and technology expert.


30 years of business and commercial experience 


  • 10 years at Mercer Management Consulting (now Oliver Wyman) providing strategy advice to businesses in industries from housewares to railways

  • 10 years at Vodafone in marketing, commercial and strategy roles.  Commercial lead for Vodafone Mobile Internet and Vodafone Family

  • 8 years leading Red Kite Management Consulting.  Identifying market opportunities and creating commercial solutions for businesses including satellite communications, environmental markets, outdoor leisure equipment and Europe's leading cinema operator.

  • Former Executive Director, National Delivery of Natural England.
    Led Land Management Performance Programme, delivering £8m cost savings in agri-environment scheme processes, with improved outcomes from prioritised “pipelining” process

Red Kite Management Consulting Limited is registered as a Private Limited Company in England and Wales, Company Number 07855409

Sumit Biswas

Vincent O'Shea

Consulting Partner at Red Kite Management Consulting

Our sales and team performance expert


Over 30 years’ experience in improving sales performance and team performance


  • Led sales teams at Mars, including Pedigree Petfoods

  • Sales and International Marketing Director of AXA PPP Healthcare

  • Sales Director of Barclays Financial Planning

  • Experience in driving customer engagement and revenues in over 50 markets


  • Trained and accredited in leading profiling and coaching methodology for enhancing team performance – this applies to any team and is particularly powerful for the leadership team of an organisation

Simon Hall

Advisory Partner at Red Kite Management Consulting.  Simon provides expert advice on business markets and is an advocate for businesses forming an environmental bridge.


Founding Partner of New World, a consulting firm expert in strategic and organisational development.  30 years of senior consulting experience, covering 160 projects with 30 clients in 15 countries, across the private, public and charity sectors.  Has led projects in the public and private sector with great success, and to date has been contributed to approaching £10bn of value creation.


Previously a visiting lecturer at Warwick Business School, Simon is a Trustee of healthcare charity Dipex, and has an MBA from INSEAD.

Kerry Charlton

"When developing the business case around a new technology it is crucial to focus on the customer and investor perspectives and the decisions they have to make.


Red Kite assisted us in getting the balance and focus of the business plan just right in order to successfully raise early-stage investment into the business."

  – CTO, Green energy start-up business

Consulting Partner of Red Kite Management Consulting

Our Environmental expert.


Former Director, Operations of English Nature and Chief  Scientist / Executive Director of Natural England


  • 30 years experience in nature conservation – led and managed projects internationally, nationally and locally.  National spokesman on biodiversity

  • Member of the Lawton review panel, steering groups on national science and research, international and national steering groups on site management.  

  • Chairman of Vincent Wildlife Trust

  • Chief Executive of Environment Bank Limited

Dr Tom Tew

RKsq00 Tow Tew Red Kite Environmental
RKsq00 Sumit Biswas Red Kite Business Change
RKsq00 Robin Tucker Business Strategy Marketing Pricing Consultant

Barney Smith

Consulting Partner of Red Kite Management Consulting

Our Start up, Outsourcing/Insourcing, Governance and Digital expert


30 years of sustainable development and business leadership experience

  • 9 years leading business start ups and scale ups - including 5 NED/Exec roles

  • 10 years of implementing and managing service insourcing and outsourcing (eg £450m TCO outsource)

  • 15 years experience providing thought leadership internationally on digital, sustainable development and knowledge management


Experience working directly as Executive across public and private sectors,

including as CIO, CKO, CEO and Commercial Director.

MA (University of Cambridge), MSc (Imperial College, London), MIoD, FRSA

RKsq00 Barney Smith Red Kite Outsourcing Digital
RKsq00 Vincent OShea Red Kite Sales and Team Perfo
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