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Support for SMEs and Start-ups

How we help Small, Medium and Start-up Businesses

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"Red Kite has helped us build a solid business case and navigate the avenues of raising start-up capital, until we can now celebrate having secured a grant and seed investment."


  – Managing Director, Green energy start-up business

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Start-ups and smaller businesses often can't afford to have the complete range of commercial skills within their team.


At Red Kite, we have many of the crucial skills, proven with businesses and investors of all sizes.  But, we are a small business, and enjoy working with other small businesses, so we understand the issues you face and we can be flexible about how we work with you.  Feel free to call us to explore how we might help you.  

Start-ups and small businesses may not have a complete range of commercial skills within their team.  This can be for cost reasons, or simply due to their early stage of development.  Conventional consulting can be expensive, and a risky outlay when it is with someone you haven't worked with before.


However, these skills are crucial for success.

  •  Marketing skills, understanding and communicating with customers and channels,

     are vital to gaining customers and revenue.

  •  Commercial skills, understanding where profits can be made, deal-making and pricing,

     are essential to turn revenue into profit.

  •  Financial planning skills are needed to chart the future prospects of the business,

     and to attract investment.


At Red Kite, we have those key skills – developed and tested in premier-league strategy consulting, with blue-chip businesses, and with professional investors.  


But, our expert team now choose to work as a small firm.  We understand the challenges that small businesses face, the flexibility that they need, and we enjoy working with them.  We understand that an initial support relationship must be built on a low-risk basis, and we can be flexible about how we deliver our support and how we gain value from it.


We'll talk with you first, and work out together how we can give you the the value from our knowledge and skills, to complement and extend your own capabilities.  


For example, we have helped many small businesses by reviewing their business plan and giving suggestions on how to improve the plan, or improve its presentation to investors.  We've helped others by coaching their own people in, for example, market analysis so they can carry this forward in their own team.


If you would like to discuss this further, with no obligation at all, please contact us.

Red Kite was a Registered and Approved Growth Coach in the UK's GrowthAccelerator service, for Business Development and Access to Finance.


The UK Government has now ceased its GrowthAccelerator programme for startup and SME businesses.  However, many businesses benefitted from this scheme and Red Kite is happy to discuss similar project scope and terms.  Please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

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