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Business Strategy and Planning

Business Strategy encompasses the widest and deepest questions about resource allocation and potential in your business.


At Red Kite, our Managing Director has strategy skills learned during ten intense years at one of the world's leading strategy firms.  He is now able to bring those skills to client situations, but without the same price tag.


Our success has been demonstrated by the longevity of out strategies – our first independent strategy project was still in play twenty years later when the business was acquired for a healthy $2 billion.

Strategy and Planning – Key Questions

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What is our overall strategy?


What are our strategic options? – The ways we could configure our business in the widest sense.  


As well as different markets and products, what are the different business models we should consider?  A business model includes the offer to the customer and the key aspects of how it is delivered (see diagram) – we collect the data and analyse the alternatives to find the best approach.


Designing your Business Model – from the Customer Outwards

























What is the range of scenarios that might affect us in the future.  How might existing and new competitive threats interweave with political, environmental, social and technological developments?  


By considering options and possible futures in a structured, strategic, analytical approach, we can help develop a strategy and vision for a business that is more robust over the long-term.  


How do we achieve the financial potential for our business?


We can link operational and commercial analysis of the business through to planning and financial models to chart the future prospects of the business and to provide the platform for an investment case.


Understanding the key strategic levers of a business, how they flow through to the financials, and how to craft a strong message (to customers or investors), we have often been called on to help write or review Business Case or ‘Pitch’ documents.


How do we make it happen?


A lot of businesses struggle to turn their strategies into action.  Academic research indicates that 50%, maybe more of strategic initiatives fail to achieve their goals.  


The studies indicate that usually the problem is not the strategy, but poor translation into delivery.  Quizzing senior executives, we find a similar result.  About 60% indicate a gap between the strategy developed and what was actually delivered into operation.


Bridging this chasm between strategy and delivery is an essential capability and one that we cover in our Business Change practice.

"The Group’s strength in technology and relationships with customers [as defined by our strategy work with them] gives confidence for the forthcoming year and beyond."


  – Consumer electronics PLC, 3 years after our strategy work with them and having doubled their sales and profits

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