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Experience – Public and Third Sector

Our experience covers a wide range of issues, sectors and organisations.  From satellite communications to energy supply to financial services.  From long-range business strategy to multi-million pound investment decisions to tactical pricing.


Here are a few examples of how we have helped businesses large and small to achieve benefits from their technology and skills.  Please contact us to learn more about our experience and capabilities.

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"What Red Kite has done very successfully is crystalise a complex area enabling project partners to properly debate the issues and reach a shared view."


  – Strategy Manager, Local Authority

Local Authorities have to make long-term transport plans despite a complex web of challenges and uncertainties in technology, national policy and human behaviour.

We helped one to structure an approach, working with a wide range of stakeholders to get many perspectives.  This enabled them to understand the range of possible outcomes and their desirability, and to use their next Local Transport Plan to use available levers to prepare for the challenges and shape a better future.

Read more on this in our Viewpoint paper 'Strategic Transport Planning Success'

Sector: Local Authority / Transport

Issue: Strategic Transport Planning

An attraction-based charity was under financial pressure and we helped develop their revenue and relationships strategy.  

Our recommendations came in two parts, the first focused on pricing and related initiatives resulted in a 12%+ increase in ticket and membership revenue with no detectable reduction in attendance.  The second part developed a plan to develop more visitors into members and long-term givers to the charity.

Sector: Attraction-based Charity

Issue: Revenue and Relationship-building

RKsq08 pine trees nature reserve business environm

For UK Government, we designed a phased grant system to support Britain's intermodal freight business  based on environmental benefits and a detailed understanding of the economics of intermodal freight and its competitors.  This supported the business while the management-led buyout team improved operations and marketing - by 2010 increasing turnover by 80% and volumes by 55%.  Government funding has been extended over 25 years, demonstrating the longevity of its design and environmental value.

Sector: National Government / Transport

Issue: Environmental Mode Shift Incentive Grant

At Natural England, our founder identified the opportunity to improve the processes delivering £400m/year of agri-environment scheme grants to farmers.  

This led to a programme which integrated data sources and reduced application times from 11 months to 8 weeks.  This enabled Natural England to triple the 'sales' of Higher Level Stewardship with the same resources, saving £8.8m/year (30%) of administration costs.

Sector: National Public Body / Environment

Issue: Efficient Delivery of Environment Scheme

This charity was experiencing a long-term decline in membership over more than 10 years.  

We reanalysed data from a previous survey and talked to members and non-members to understand what was important to them and how the charity was viewed.  We then worked with the charity's volunteer marketing team to develop clear messages and simple marketing that could be achieved within their limited resources.  These reversed the decline into an increase.  We are now looking at more initiatives to accelerate this.

Sector: Membership Charity

Issue: Membership / Revenue

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