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Red Kite was a Registered and Approved Growth Coach in the UK's GrowthAccelerator service, for Business Development and Access to Finance.


UPDATE: The UK Government has now ceased its GrowthAccelerator programme for startup and SME businesses.  However, many businesses benefitted from this scheme and Red Kite is happy to discuss similar project scope and terms.

The GrowthAccelerator Service for SME Business Leaders

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GrowthAccelerator is a unique service that helps SME leaders to find new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy they need for their business to achieve its full potential.  It provides a bespoke package including expert coaching at a fixed, government-subsidised price.


It is led by some of the country's most successful growth specialists, including Oxford Innovation in the South East of England.  Robin Tucker, Founder of Red Kite is Registered and Approved as one of the programme's Growth Coaches.


Businesses that seek external advice and information are 14% more ambitious and 50% more successful than those that do not, and over 10,000 businesses are already benefitting from GrowthAccelerator.


Is my business eligible for GrowthAccelerator?


 •  Are you determined to grow?

 •  Is your business registered in the UK & based in England?

 •  Do you have fewer than 250 employees?

 •  Is your annual turnover under £40 million?


What does GrowthAccelerator provide?


Your GrowthAccelerator journey starts by identifying your priorities for growth.  A Growth Manager will invite you and your senior team to complete GROWTHmapper™, a specialist interactive assessment tool.


Your Growth Manager then proposes a Growth Plan which outlines the challenges your business faces and how GrowthAccelerator can offer support, usually in on one of three areas: Access to Finance, Business Development or Growth through Innovation.  You'll also have  access of up to £2,000 match funding to hone your senior team's Leadership and Management skills.


Once your growth plan is agreed, you select a Growth Coach matched to your needs and personality.

Red Kite has been approved as having the skills and track record to support businesses with Growth Plans of all three types: Access to Finance,  Business Development and Growth through Innovation.  As a Growth Coach, we act as an advocate and catalyst for change, helping to open up new pathways to growth.


A typical coaching schedule lasts around three to nine months.


How much does GrowthAccelerator cost?


Your GrowthAccelerator support is partly funded by the UK Government and you pay a fixed, subsidised contribution depending on the size of your business.  This fee includes guidance and support  from your Growth Manager and Growth Coach, masterclasses and workshops, and membership of the GrowthAccelerator community.


 1 - 4 employees        £600    + VAT

 5- 49 employees       £1,500 + VAT

 50 - 249 employees  £3,000 + VAT


For more information see

"Robin Tucker, our coach, was very quick to understand the pressure points in our business and the areas which required most attention.  

He was able to identify specific business initiatives as well as a strategy for overall growth.  He helped us to determine realistic goals for growth.  This was accompanied by the development of an effective and transparent framework for managing priorities and decision making."


  – Managing Director, Enviromental Consultancy

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