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Our Experience – Public, Charity and Environmental

Business value from Environmental issues

Recent Projects

  • An international technology service provider needed to understand the business opportunity from mass adoption of a 'smart' energy technology.  We quantified the potential value for its clients (several £10ms) identified the capabilities required to capture it, and set out possible business models to profit from the opportunity

  • A business services company wanted to be ready for customers asking about environmental issues.  We assembled their environmental credentials for use in the sales process, and found cost-efficient next steps to improve their environmental performance and link it into their market positioning

  • A consumer-focused manufacturer and retailer wanted to shift its historic ‘command-and-control’ culture to one more empowered and adaptive.  We showed how tackling environmental issues could be a positive first step on this journey, and move them from a ‘Responsive’ position to create value from environmental bridging



    Broader Experience

  • Strategic advice to national law firm involved in environmental work

  • For the UK Government, one of our Founders designed a phased grant system to support privatisation of British Rail's intermodal freight business in 1996, based on environmental benefits and a detailed understanding of the economics of intermodal freight and its competitors.   This supported the business while the management-led buyout team improved operations and marketing - by 2010 increasing turnover by 80% and volumes by 55%.  Government funding has been extended to 2020, demonstrating the longevity of its design and environmental value.

Recent Projects

  • For a local authority, we looked at possible transport futures with a LA/stakeholder group.  With a wide range of inputs on possible aspects of the future, we discussed how desirable they were, how likely, and how the LA's policy levers could work with people's and business's choices to shape a better future.  The outputs are being used to guide the authorities Local Transport Plan.

  • An attraction-based charity, was under financial pressure and we helped develop their revenue and relationships strategy.  This resulted in a 12%+ increase in revenue from tickets and memberships within the first year, and a plan to develop visitors into members and long-term givers to the charity.

  • Reversing a long-term decline in membership for a memberhsip charity by understanding what was important to current and potential members, and helping develop clear messages and simple marketing that could be achieved within their limited resources.


    Broader Experience

  • Business design and leadership support for a new social enterprise to manage some of England's key natural assets

  • At Natural England, improving agri-environment scheme delivery processes - tripling 'sales' of Higher Level Stewardship, saving £8.8m/year (30%) of administration costs, and cutting application times from 11 months to 8 weeks

For Public, Charity and Environmental organisations

"Excellent work.  For me, this really puts in to perspective how we are all pulling in the same direction, for a greener future and a modernised service."


 – Product manager, Business services company

See more of our experience:

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Our experience covers a wide range of issues and sectors.  From long-range strategy to sales support materials; from HR services to rail freight; from multi-hundred million pound environmental grant schemes to optimising habitats for single species.


Here are a few examples of how we have helped businesses to achieve benefits linked to the environment, and how we have helped environmental organisations with business and management topics.  Please contact us to learn more about our experience and capabilities, or for references.

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